Jasper Hill Farm

The Ripe & Ready Collection


The ‘Ripe & Ready’ collection features a rotating selection of cheeses that are supremely snackable right now - including our Good Food Finalist, Highlander. Enjoy a truly great deal on this ready-to-eat collection!

  • Willoughby (8 oz wheel) — A pudgy, buttery washed-rind round with notes of boozy fruit & roasted meat.

  • Whitney (6oz wedge) — Washed in wine, this raw milk mountain-style cheese is eminently snackable. Its flexible texture melts in your mouth and gives way to light floral and fruit notes.

  • Cabot Clothbound (6-ounce wedge) — An approachable but complex natural-rind, bandaged cheddar with a crumbly texture and nutty aroma. The flavor is deeply savory and slightly tangy, with caramel sweetness to the finish.

  • Highlander (1 lb wedge) — A semi-firm, raw milk washed rind cheese based on a Swiss ‘raclette’ recipe made from a blend of goat and cow milk by Jasper Hill Creamery. Sweet and smooth, with warm nutty notes and a hint of fruity funk.

  • Conundrum Raw Milk Cheddar (1 lb wedge) — approachable, well-balanced, and begging to be on an English-style Ploughman's Platter. Bold enough to stand alone and smooth enough to pair with anything from cured meat to marmalade, this cheddar can only get better with time.


  • One wheel Willoughby (8 oz)
  • One wedge Whitney (6 oz)
  • One wedge Cabot Clothbound (6 oz)
  • One wedge Highlander (1 lb) - 2022 Finalist
  • One wedge Conundrum Raw Milk Cheddar (1 lb)

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Details & Ingredients

Made In:

Greensboro, Vermont


Willoughby - pasteurized cow milk, salt, rennet cultures. // Cabot Clothbound - pasteurized cow milk, cultures, salt, enzymes. // Whitney and Conundrum - Raw cow milk, salt, rennet, cultures. // Highlander - Raw cow and goat milk, salt, rennet, cultures.