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Forest Farro and Porcini Polenta


Porcini Polenta and Forest Farro are a comfort food duo with a roar of wildness inside.

Porcini Polenta combines organic California-grown polenta with wild California porcini. Stirred the traditional way or made with the sneaky microwave technique results in warm, rich, cheesy delight.

Forest Farro: Our ancient grain mushroomy mixture with wild California porcini is complex and versatile. Make a remarkable risotto, a savory side dish or a thick rich soup.

Includes two bags of grains:

  • One bag Porcini Polenta (12 oz)
  • One bag Forest Farro (10 oz) - 2022 Finalist

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Details & Ingredients

Made In:

Napa, CA


Forest Farro: farro, wild porcini mushrooms, celery; organic: shiitake, carrots, herbs, garlic // Porcini Polenta: organic whole cornmeal, dried wild porcini (California).