Snow Capped Cider

Blanc Mollet Specialty Cider - 2 Bottles


Blanc Mollet is a French bittersweet cider apple from the 1700s. It’s delightful as its namesake. It produces a medium body with a moderately juicy, mild bitter flavor. Our Colorado orchards at 6,130 intensify the flavor. Aged 2 years for a smooth balance, then romantically aged in pear brandy barrels for 6 months for a deep golden hue, inviting aroma and medium astringency on the palate. Notes of sweet pear, orange blossom and vanilla that dance together, ending on a warm slightly dry finish.

Includes two bottles of Blanc Mollet cider. Each bottle is 375 mL.

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Details & Ingredients

Made In:

Cedaredge, CO


Blanc mollet apples.