Amasu Organic Ancient Herbal Ground Coffee


Our Boost and Destress pack contains two varieties to provide you the health boost you need every day. 

We’ve paired 750-year-old ancient, natural, organic herbal formulas with the finest, barista-quality beans for a delicious cup of coffee. Amasu's coffee is perfect for the avid coffee drinker who wants to enjoy the benefits of a health-boosting drink.

Can be brewed hot or cold. 

Includes two items:

  • One package of Organic Immunity Ground Coffee (10 oz) - 2022 Finalist
  • One package of Organic Calm Ground Coffee with Five (5) Pour Overs

Shipping included on all orders!

Details & Ingredients

Made In:

Scranton, PA


Immunity: Organic ground coffee, organic astragalus, organic atractylodes, organic siler. // Calm: Organic ground coffee, white peony, poria, tangkuei (angelica root), atractylodes, ginger, bupleurum (thorowax root), licorice.